9 Best Ideas On How To Get A Guy To Like You

When it comes to talking about love, there is seems not enough time to provide. Falling in love sometimes make you blind so that you do everything dealing with how to get a guy to like you. If you really dream of having the guy with you, you are mad and absolutely need some tips to get the guy.

Don’t worry! This article comes in the name of love to help you get the guy you like most. Along with the ideas we are going to share, you will be able to make the guy like you only in a few minutes. Even when the guy doesn’t seem to feel the same, you may trust me now that these following ideas will work out between you and the one you love.

Without taking too much time, here are the best 9 ideas of how to get a guy to like you.

Don’t Despair and Never Lose Hope

Kind woman never lose hope
Kind woman never lose hope

The first thing you must have as the basic effort is not to despair and never lose hope. Remember the lyric of the song,

“Don’t despair and never lose hope

Coz Lord is always by your side”

By Maher Zain

This lyric is quite strong to let someone make an endless effort to get what he/she wants. Even when you have failed or been rejected for twice or three times, don’t despair! Since trying to win someone’s heart is not as easy as to get the prize, you must stay positive. This way, you must try to collect as many information as you can tell you about the guy and what makes him/her attracted. Another way, you may go to the next idea as follows.

Be Yourself

Trying to get a guy to like you doesn’t mean that you must totally be what the guy wants you to be. Just be yourself, just the way you are. You don’t either need to change yourself, do something across your heart, wear a weird outfit or anything that makes you out of yourself. Never do that!

Be your self
Be your self

Although you try hard to find the way how to get a guy to like you, be yourself. This is very important to show your personal value and character so that you will be unique and have your own characteristics. Changing yourself never comes to serve you best. The guy who notices you not to be yourself will be disinterested. He/she might think that the way you love him/her is not true like what you have done to yourself. Thus, being yourself is important.

Be Unique

Related with the previous ideas to be yourself, the next idea is being unique. It doesn’t mean that you must have something different from any other girl/boy so you will look unique, but it’s rather about your personal character and attitude.

Be Aware of Your Personal Looking

To successfully get the guy you like, one of the important ideas of how to get a guy to like you is being aware of your personal looking. Go to the mirror and see if you deserve to get the guy. If not, then you must pay a little attention and do little things.

Beware your look
Beware your look

Since most guy will firstly look at your appearance in the first date, make sure you have all out. This way, you don’t need to do more than you can afford. Just try to make the guy feel pleased and comfortable when he/she is seeing you. Be aware of what you wear. Make sure you put on an appropriate outfit so that he/she can’t ignore to see you all the times.

Looking fresh and natural is the one way that the guy commonly likes. Be smart to match the clothes you wear and the make-up with the occasion. Thus, before you are walking out the door, make sure you are great with your appearance.


Although it is important to say anything to flirt the guy or to catch his/her attention, you need to listen. Don’t just talk. When the guy tries to speak up, you must listen. It’s the time for you to gain much information about what the guy likes, dreams of, even about what type of spouse he/she wants. Give a nice response and don’t be over.

Be Confident

Another idea of how to get a guy to like you is to be confident. Confidence means that you have a good personality. No man is willing to see a helpless girl. Your confidence can be your quality. Give yourself a sense of confidence so that you are worthy of being loved.

Sense Of Humor

Sense of humour
Sense of humour

Having a good sense of humor can also be a way of how to get a guy to like you. Everybody likes those who always smile and laugh indicating the happiness and the spirit of life. Showing a sense of humor will be more beneficial instead of the unpleasant and unfriendly face.

Give Out

Don’t just hope to take but give out. “Give you all I have” is the idea to show how strong you are there for the guy. It shows how much you dedicate your life for the loved one. If the guy sees you have done many things for him/her, then he/she might think to have a more trustful relationship with you.

Don’t Be Too Possessive and Protective

Let the bird fly away and it will fly back to you. Well, it is one of the ideas to show that you are not too possessive and protective of someone you loved. Let him/her feels free of doing anything dealing with his/her hobby and life goals. He/she will always come to you to gain your support and attention. He/she will also find you like the most comfortable partner to reach what he/she wants in life.


Overall, some right ideas how to get a guy to like you is very necessary to have a look to help you get the guy in the end. Don’t be so hopeless and have no ideas to make your love come true.