How To Read Your Sugar Daddy’s Body Language and Get a Read on Him

If you have been rejected by your Sugar Daddy or he never called back, you might wonder about what you could have possibly done wrong. Something obviously went wrong during the first date that made him think that a second date is not worth it. This is not necessarily your fault. Maybe it’s a matter of not getting each other’s point across. But this rejection can lead you to introspection. Think of the things you can do differently the next time so as to avoid the same result. Maybe it’s a matter of understanding his body language better. Know how to read your Sugar Daddy’s body language. The fact that he is interested or not actually shows from his body language, you know.

Cues and Clues

Sugar Daddy’s Body Language
Sugar Daddy’s Body Language

Yes, he is unconsciously giving you clues whether he plans on continuing after the first date or not. It all comes to you whether you can get a read on his expression or not. Granted, sometimes his behaviour is so subtle that we can hardly see the clues. Sometimes it’s noticeable and sometimes it’s not. Read the non-verbal cues he is exuding

First dates are not necessarily simple. However, one thing is common, the loudest volume comes from body language. Then again, there is always another way in case you can’t read the clues and cues. Think back about the date when you get home, and decide for yourself whether you did good and delivered yourself perfectly. Don’t be too hard to on yourself though. Even if he never calls back after the first date, remember that it’s his loss, not yours.

Speak what he speaks

No, we are not talking about mastering his native language. It’s more like the things you would do when you get bored in class. You would probably be yawning or secretly scrolling on your phone under the table. If you are interested in the lecture, you would probably be listening as your professor drones on and maybe even chipping in. In a Sugar Dating, it’s almost the same thing. Notice how he is either leaning close to you or leaning back in his seat when you talk. Does he laugh at your jokes or is it just a smile with a slight chuckle? You can almost tell you have his undivided attention when you speak. If you do, then he is probably very interested in you.

Is he into you?

You can pretty much point out any sign of disinterest from the very start. But then again, first dates are not supposed to instantly flow smoothly. Both of you need to break the ice and build up the comfortable air. However, do not do things that will lead to building up false hope. You can tell whether he is into you or not by the way he is sitting in his chair. If he occasionally goes through his phone or looks around the room once in a while, then you are not that interested to him. If he tends to just give you the nod without providing any information, then either he is not interested in the topic of conversation or he is not interested in you.

Is he into you
Is he into you

Knowing how to read your Sugar Daddy’s body language means you also know how to differentiate between a downright uninterested and awkward Sugar Daddy. An awkward one means he is not a great conversationalist but is interested in you. You need to take the leading role in this. If he constantly lets out a sigh then just politely excuse yourself and finish the date. No point in continuing if you already know the end result. If your Sugar Daddy is into you, you will easily know.

What Should You Do?

First dates can be intimidating. Even if you are a great conversationalist and able to bring yourself any time, you might still find yourself slightly fumbling around. Therefore, use the following pointers to help you better carry yourself:

  • Know where you will be going so you can act accordingly. There is a certain etiquette you have to uphold if you go into a five star restaurant rather than just a fast food place
  • Be observant about your Sugar Daddy’s body language. The moment you notice a change in his behaviour, make it clear and mention it. You can offer some help. Little do you know it would change the whole direction of your first date
  • Never cross your arm. This is not a behaviour of a lady and you might come across as very guarded. Crossing your arm can send the message that you are judging him and you are not enjoying the night
  • Never dumb yourself down. Be sexy and confident. Don’t come off like an easy catch and be too available. Many Sugar Daddies love a good chase because these women never get boring fast

As long as you know how to read your Sugar Daddy’s body language, you will own the night and decide the fate of your first date.