Playing it Safe On The First Date: How To Impress Your Sugar Daddy

When you are about to meet your potential Sugar Daddy for the first time, it’s normal to feel nervous. Don’t stress yourself out, though because having your mind all jumbled up will make you come out as composed and striking as you would like. You have probably prepared what to say, what eye-catching dress you would wear and decided whether you would leave your hair down or up, but that overwhelming feeling still presents. Never to worry though because as long as you trust your instinct and follow your gut, you will be able to bring yourself astoundingly. Playing it safe on the first date with your Sugar Daddy will ensure you that you will own the night. It should start from the moment you both sit down, then do the following things to build the chemistry.


First dating
First dating

Be respectful. Actually, this act should start online from when you first spotted his profile. Know that most Sugar Daddies are wealthy men. They also tend to be more private. For this reason, they usually hide their identity online and would usually have no pictures on their profile. You shouldn’t worry about the lack of pictures though. You can still tell whether he is genuine or just a salty man from the chats you have. Coax his seriousness and sincerity through words. Besides, there are Sugar Daddies out there with profile pictures who turn out to be frauds so what difference does it make, right?

Bottom line, the qualities which attract these men greatly vary. Nevertheless, you can be sure of the following things they have in common: exclusive treatment, discretion, and privacy. When you decide to take it into the real world and have your first date, then you can confirm whether he matches your own criteria. Even in the real world, you should stick to being respectful. This is one of the traits that will get him to stay. It may seem easy but extremely hard to maintain. When you unconsciously cut him off mid-sentence that might appear disrespectful to him even when you think otherwise.


Appear flirty and friendly. Most pro Sugar Babies are successful because they know how to be flirty and appear welcoming. Remember to show confidence. Sugar Daddies generally are not drawn to insecure women. Think of yourself as interesting and fun and also act like it. That’s a really effective way of playing it safe on the first date.

Said welcoming
Said welcoming

Again, this tactic should also start online. Acquiring a chance for a first date is almost impossible if you don’t bother snagging his attention in the chats. Establish a mutual commitment and try to bond with him over mutual interests. When he sends hints that he is getting more interested in you, don’t be shy to ask for a video call or even suggest on meeting in person. Consider the video call beforehand because it will help you what he actually looks like (in the case of him not uploading his picture on his profile). You will also be prepared for the physical meeting that way.


The next way to playing it safe on the first date is by prioritizing your safety. He might appear well-off, generous, nice, overall your dream Sugar Daddy. But don’t necessarily put yourself in danger by giving him your trust just because he matches your requirements. Before actually going on a first date with him, you have to be 100% sure he is genuine. You can also check out a website and talk to some members to find out if they hold optimum security measures. Then again, as long as you are on a trusted and verified dating website, security is always guaranteed.

Stay away from a website which does not seem legit. Don’t even visit a website if you know it has a bad reputation. Steer clear from Sugar Daddies who are giving off a bad vibe too. Don’t just too fixated on one man because there are still many options out there who are probably way better than him. Your first date should also take place on a neutral and public place. A place that you know will be safe for you.


When you both have sat down, ordered some wine and have broken the ice, you can start asking him questions to verify if his profile is genuine. Just don’t appear too guarded or look like you are interviewing him. The questions should have that open-ended nature so he will not feel like he is being interrogated.


In order to come up with appropriate questions, you should look into his background by enquiring about general aspects like his field of expertise, his hometown or places he has traveled to. If you like your potential Sugar Daddy and want the arrangement to continue after the first date, then make sure to build trust. If it turns out he doesn’t live up to your expectations, then politely decline and move on.

Playing it safe on the first date isn’t hard to accomplish. When he is already on board with meeting you in person, there is no doubt he is interested in you. Build on that to gain your confidence.