Smart Ways to Save Money as A Sugar Baby

Many times Sugar Babies find themselves at a loss of what to do when their Sugar Daddies break the arrangement out of the blue. If you are used to being provided all the time, then it may come as a surprise for you when you no longer being spoiled and pampered. Don’t get distracted in the constant glamorous gifts and steady monthly allowances. Sugaring arrangement rarely last forever and you should have plans for when the agreement finally comes to an end. You need to know how to save money as a Sugar Baby. The best way out is to put aside some money so you have cold hard cash when he decides to walk away. You can also try living on a budget. More ways you can do to be thoughtful about your money and spending can be done in the following methods:

Sell the Gifts

Sell your jewerely
Sell your jewerely

When you decide to live off of your Sugar Daddy’s allowance and quit your job to become a Sugar Baby, things will easily get rough when the arrangement ends. If you are cash strapped and your rent is due next week. The best possible option to get money fast is to sell the jewellery and other gifts he got you. Therefore, it’s good for your future if you have a really generous Sugar Daddy. In fact, you should look for this type of Sugar Daddies. Don’t let him take you for granted. Your time spent with him is extremely valuable and you should be appreciated as such.

You can sell the quality items he gave you. If you are lucky enough to have been given a car, Hermes bags or furs, then they are easily be resold. In case you plan to consign, then it’s wise to know that getting your money might take some time. It’s because the items have to actually be sold first prior to you receiving any payment. Another important thing to note is that you should never tell your Sugar Daddy that you have consigned or sold the gifts he gave you (when the Sugaring arrangement is still going). You might come off as unappreciative and he might get discouraged from giving you more presents.

Tone Down Your Sephora Habit

When the Sugar begins running dry, maybe it’s time to get rid of your Sephora routine. Stop buying expensive makeup for a while until you know you are stable again. You can substitute your well-known Chanel brands with those from drugstore. You can do your research first so those stuff won’t ruin your skin.

shop at sephora shop

You will be surprise by how many little… well… surprises you constantly find when you cut back on the expensive things. Just because you don’t pick up your foundation on one of the racks in a Sephora shop, doesn’t mean it is of cheap quality. There are many awesome options at cheaper price tags like L’Oreal, NYX and Huggies. All you need to do is do a little research beforehand and make sure the product is good for your skin. If you think you can still afford Victoria Secrete or Chanel, you don’t have to completely cut back on them, but rather only buy these products once a month instead of twice every week. This sure is the cleverest way to save money as a Sugar Baby.

No More Eating Out

If you are so used to having your breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your doorstep, it’s advisable that you stop this habit. You might think it doesn’t affect your finances that much, but when you actually accumulate all the money you spend on food delivery for a month, the amount is not like what you expected at all. This also applies when you always go on expensive dinner dates and trying out exotic and new cuisines. It’s also another expensive habit you need to cut short.

No More Eating Out

You can benefit a lot from developing the habit of eating homemade food. Not only is home-cooked meal most of time healthier, but you can improve your cooking skills and further impress your Sugar Daddy. Being able to cook is attractive. Who knows he will get more attached to you when you show signs of wifey material? There are a lot of options to explore on the food network. Start ditching Uber eats. In case the need for chick-fil-a arises, just remind yourself that you have all the right ingredients at home to make your own spaghetti with little hot dogs cut out on it. See how much you can actually save by only going out to eat three or four times a month. Find out for yourself how much of a great cook you can be by constantly learning new recipe every day.

These are the ultimate ways to save money as a Sugar Baby. Be futuristic when you are in a Sugaring arrangement. It’s for your own good.