4 Smart Ways To Avoid Online Dating Scams

Have you experienced having online dating scams? Or perhaps you have never done it and you want to organise it now, hmmm, find all of the smart ideas on this page. As reality shows that social networking now plays a role in most people’s way of life, online dating is always possible to go with. Moreover, the existence and developing social networking has made the idea of online dating grows so fast and uncontrollably.

The phenomenon above carries a big influence in the way of how they build a romance and online dating scams. Through the easy way having such kind of online dating supported by social networking, many scammers get connected with the people commonly on legitimate dating apps, social networking sites as well as chat rooms. This way, they can build a fake romantic intention to get trusted and somehow to get money, too.

Online dating scams can be awful if you don’t really know the way to get good interaction with the scammers. To help you get a smarter idea of starting online dating scams, here are some ideas we gathered so you can easily recognise how successfully avoid scammers.

Have A Private Chat

Private chat
Private chat

When you find someone that sounds great, suitable, enjoyable and interested to have a more private conversation, the next idea to get along is the requirement to have a private chat out of the dating app or social site you are on. You can invite him/her to get out of the dating app and get into the private chat. Vice a versa, if someone looks interested in you, he/she will do the same.

Commonly, the scammers will start sending messages privately along with more intention to catch more attention. In online dating scams, they will commonly start by the statements as follows:

Good morning, lovely, how are you? I really like your profile. I have never met a serious man. Are you looking for a serious relationship? Could you please tell me how to contact you on mail? I have been out of the site since I didn’t really like it. If you are serious to get in touch with me, don’t hesitate to contact me on my email right away.”

As an alternative, if you want to flirt and invite someone to have chat with you soon, you can write like this:

Hi, I’m Jane. How are you?  I liked you. Unluckily, I don’t have a subscript. I can only send one message for the freebie. Write me an email, please. Honestly, I’ll be glad to talk to you. Perhaps, we can meet soon on a date. I’m waiting!”

Leave the dating app or cancel the subscription

leaving dating app
leaving dating app

Like the first idea to get out of the dating app, the second idea you can make is leaving the dating app or just cancel the subscription directly. This is one of the ways how to get someone you like to get in a private chat with you. This way, you can offer him/her to go out on the weekend or have a vacation. If the person feels interested, then he/she will contact your number or email address soon. Finally, you can have a real date from online dating scams ideas.

How will you write to invite? Here is an example.

Hello, how’s life? I’m good. Well, I liked u. Any idea for the weekend? I want to meet u and have more to talk. I have canceled my subscription so I don’t know how long I can send a message here. In fact, I want to know more about you. Contact me soon. Send me an email. You’ve got my email to add, haven’t you? I’m waiting. Sweet regards!”

Offering more pictures to exchange contact information

The next idea you can build in term of online dating scams is to offer more pictures to exchange contact information. When someone gets closer to the target beloved, asking to send more pictures is always possible. It can also be a way of getting more than just a friendship. Those pictures can include those about you, your activities, your home, your school or college, and etc. The more pictures are exchanged, the closer the relation it will be.

If you want to try this idea, you can start by sending an email and text like this:

“Hello, you look good. I really like to see the photos you have sent in the email. Here I also send you some of mine. Hope you like it, too. Anyway,  I have just ended my subscription so you can leave your message here. Hope to see you soon. Love, Katrine!”

Leading to the long-term relationship

When the three ideas above are done, you may lead to getting a long term relationship. Particularly, when you have frequently exchanged more photos and more details about your life and engaged in everyday communication, you are seemingly able to invite the guy to have a long-term relationship with you. In this case, if a guy gives you such kind of sign, you can actually recognize it if the email sent to you says,

Long term relationship
Long term relationship

Hello, how are you doing? Honestly, I’m new to online dating and I’m yet to know how it really works here. Well, I’m looking for a long-term relationship. Can we make it? I’ll love us to know deeper about each other and see how things work out between us. My number is 777 888 888, you can call me any time. I’ll love to hear from you. Will you give me your number, won’t you?”


Overall, online dating scams are always possible for those who are looking for a relationship. Through the developing social network and the dating app on your smartphone, you can easily find someone and try to online dating.

Some tips to have nice online dating scams is necessary especially if you are new to online dating and don’t know more what to do. The ideas we have just shared on this page are expected to give you the inspiration to start the online dating well.